Welcome to the Robloxian Film & Television Wiki Administration Overview​. This page details policies, as well as guidelines for the administration to follow for the wikia.

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Previous Administrators

December 2016 Interim Administration

​January 2017 Election Cycle

​December 2017 Interim Administration

​December 2017 Election Cycle

January 2018 Appointed Administrators

Administrator Guidelines

These guidelines have been created as a reference for administration members at any time to go back to and study for further clarification on issues or for further review.

​Main Points

  • Administrators main priority is to serve the community and protect it.
  • Administrators are held to the same rules as the rest of the user base.
  • Administrators must be active participants in the wikia community and the website.
  • Administrators must pass the torch to the next generation of the community through fair and free elections.
  • Administrators may never see themselves as superior to the community, but as a part of it.
  • Administration must have a majority vote of all administrators in order to approve wikia polices not specified under individual responsibilities.
  • Mutual respect and impartiality are essential to the fine-tuned operation of the administration. 

​​Separation of Powers

  • Each administrator has their own responsbilities over the wiki as detailed in the Administrator Powers section of this page.
  • Administrators should avoid taking over another administrator's core responsibilities, as this could be considered an abuse of power.
  • Make sure to always notify the correct administrator when an issue is prominent on the wikia or offsite websites under the jurisdiction thereof.
  • Administrators seeking to expand their responsibilities of power must create a proposal where all five elected members of the cabinet approve.

Proposals For Voting

If an administrator is bringing an issue up for a vote, the administator should:

  1. Explain what the proposal is about.
  2. Explain why it is needed or wanted.
  3. Explain the process of implementing the proposal.
  4. Respect the results of the voting process.

If a proposal is approved, the person in-charge of completing that proposal must begin work on it. In the case of wikia editing, once a page section has recieved a single edit adding information relating to the proposal, the proposal is seen as complete. This is to prevent open-ended proposals that never get completed fully or are always left open to abuse the power of the administrative office.

Administrator discussions should be recorded in some form or another and broadcast to the public. The only times that transparency may be denied is if the discussions center around strategic wikia security. A vote must be proposed before discussions can be closed to the public and they must include a timetable for re-opening public viewing.

​Removal From Office

There are very few situations which demand that an administrator be removed from office. The following details legitimate routs of administrator removal.

  • If an administrator uses their powers to remove a ban from their wikia account, they will lose their administrative powers for the duration of the original ban and the subsequent abuse of power ban connected with the violation.
  • A community audit results in a proposal to remove an administrator from office. Such community audits must then be fufilled after the community audit has been certified as authentic by two voting members of the administration.
  • An administrator can be removed from power with all other voting members of the administration voting for their removal from office.
  • The administrator is banned under a community threat critical rule violation. The administrator loses their administrative power for the duration of the ban, but has the right to appeal in a community audit the removal from power.
  • Once an office has been vacated, the Bureaucrat may appoint a replacement administrator for the duration of the removal of adminship, but this will trigger an immediate special election for the position. All appointed administrators are given the same level of protection from removal as an elected official.

Suspension of The Rules of Order

The Rules of Order are the collective rules, conditions, regulations, and all guidelines on the RFTW wiki. They are constantly operating and ensuring the smooth, orderly, and accountable functions of the wikia and all affiliated websites operating under the jurisdiction of the RFTW. In certain circumstances, the Rules of Order can be suspended by a collective agreement of all administrators, voting and non-voting, initiated by any member of the board, but usually the Bureaucrat. Suspension of The Rules of Order can only be properly followed through with the following procedures:

  1. Voting on an emergency proposal to suspend the Rules of Order for the wikia.
  2. Immediate blog post by the Bureaucrat or person responsible for proposing the suspension
  3. Blog post must explain why the rules have been suspended, the actions the board will implement to bring back order, and a timeline for this process. Disgression is given to the board as to how to present the information if a security threat impacts the blog post itself.
  4. Once the deadline for re-implementing the rules of order is reached, the administration must bring back the rules of order. The only way to avoid this is for the board to re-vote on another suspension of the Rules of Order, and follow all preceding steps.

New Administrators

  • New Administrators should promptly review the Rules and Conditions page of the RFTW wiki.
  • New Administrators should review all sections of the Administrators page of the RFTW wiki.

Appointed Administrators

  • Appointed Administrators do not have the right to vote in RFTW administration meetings. This is to prevent abuse of power by the Bureaucrat from appointing only people that support the Bureaucrat's agenda, and stacking the administration.
  • Appointed Administrators are held to the same standard as an elected member of the RFTW government.

Administrator Abuse

If a User suspect any Administrator has abused their powers, they should send a message to another Administrator.

  1. Name of User
  2. Name of Abusive Administrator
  3. Date of Ban/Warning or Action
  4. Reason for Ban/Warning or What the Administrator did.
  5. Why this is an abuse of power.
  6. Post this message on an Administrator's Wall/Wikia Discussions/Roblox Message/Discord Message.

If none of these work, contact another wikia user to send a message to an administrator on your behalf.

Administrator Elections

Running For Office

Any user who meets the minimum qualifications to run for a position can run for one position out of the five administration positions of their choice. The Wikia Bureaucrat is responsible for listing all eligible candidates for each position. People can request a position to run for up to the first day of voting. Elections are listed under the person's ROBLOX username, and if the user has multiple wikia accounts, if they win, the Bureaucrat will ask which account they want to be given permisions for.

The only unique circumstance is running for Bureaucrat. Bureaucrat candidates are selected by the current wikia bureaucrat in order to prevent people from running who may not have the ability to successfully lead the wiki. However, if a user who wanted to run for a bureaucrat spot is not chosen, they have the right to challenge this decision by appealing to the other wikia administrators. If all 4 other administrators agree that a candidate should be included on a bureaucrat election, the bureaucrat has no choice but to then add that person.

Election Cycle

Elections are mandated by law to follow a cycle of every 6 months: June 29 - 30 and December 30 - 31 of every year. The only exception to avoid the legally mandated voting is if all five elected administration members agree to delay or reschedule the mandated elections for that particular cycle.  The election cannot be delayed indefinitely or outright cancelled without suspending the rules of order for the wiki.

Special elections, like when an administrator resigns, will be held the next available weekend and the winner will complete the remainder of that administrator's term. The new administrator will still have to run in the normally scheduled election cycles. These special election cycles can only be delayed if all five elected administration members agree to delay or reschedule the special elections. The election cannot be delayed indefinately or outright cancelled without suspending the rules of order for the wiki.

Election Voting

Elections will be held using an offsite voting survey. This link will be sent out through a blog post. There will be five polls for each category. Poll closes at midnight the last voting day. New administration members announced the day afterwards.

Certifying Elections

After the results of an election are collected, the previous administration votes on certifying the election results though majority vote. If approved, the transfer of power officially begins. If the election is not certified, an immediate community audit is held to determine if the community members agree with the conclusions of the administration. If so, a fresh election is reheld a week later.

Transfer of Power

The transfer of power works this way, the previous administration's Bureaucrat promotes all of the newly elected administrators to their positions. The Bureaucrat then proceeds to demote the old administrators.

If the Bureaucrat position itself has a new person elected, the Bureaucrat demotes himself once the newly elected bureaucrat is properly promoted.

Administrator Audit

After a report is sent and checked, an immediate audit is conducted of the Administrator's actions.

  • A review of the administrator's actions by fellow admins will commence.
  • If the Administrator is deemed abusive, they will be appropriately punished or removed from adminship.
  • If a user was warned or banned, their warning or ban is nullified.
  • If a user's punishment is nullified, they are protected from alternative punishments for their actions.
  • If the Administrator's actions are found to be non-abuse, the reporter will NOT be punished.
  • If the Administrator is abusing Bureaucracy, Wikia will be contacted to seek the permanent revoking of bureaucracy.
  • The reporter has a right to appeal their ban/punishment or ruling via a Community Audit.

Community Audit

A community audit is when a wikia user who reports an abuse of power by an administrator finds that the administrator audit was not fair or was not an appropriate punishment for the accused administrator.

  1. An official Discussions thread is created on the Wikia Discussions board - Community Audit.
  2. The reporter can present their side of the story and why they feel the administrator audit was not fair.
  3. They have to present a poll of either A: The ruling was fair or B: The ruling was unfair
  4. The community can send their messages of support or disapproval for the audit.
  5. After 72 hours, the total sum of A and B are calculated.
  6. If the community is in favor of the ruling, no further action is taken.
  7. If the community is NOT in favor of the ruling, the administrators must conduct a second administrative audit.
  8. After the administrators come to a conclusion, they must present publically their report on their conclusions.
  9. If this result is unsatisfactory to the community, all wikia members affected may report directly to Wikia staff.

​Administrator Vacancies

In the event of a resignation or a vacancy of an administrative position, the Bureaucrat has the right to appoint temporary members of the RFTW wiki community to work in those positions until a special election is held. Members appointed to vacant positions must be eligible to run for the position that they were appointed to, but they will not have the right to vote as an appointed administration member until they win an election to their office.

If the bureaucrat itself is a position where nobody is currently holding the title, the administrator becomes the new bureaucrat. and the line of succession goes on down through the government. If there is nobody holding a position in government, a community audit will determine who the new bureaucrat will be and then they will appoint new officials.

Administrator Powers


  • Responsible for removing administrators who violate the rules.
  • Responsible for setting up community/administration audit polls.
  • Responsible for wikia strategic management.
  • Allowed to suspend the rules of order with the collective agreement of all voting and non-voting cabinet members.


  • Responsible for community upkeep.
  • Responsible for banning users.
  • Responsible for community investigations.

Content Moderator

  • Responsible for removing vandalism/spam from pages.
  • Responsible for formatting unformatted pages.
  • Responsible for deleting libelous material/personal attacks on pages

​Discussions Moderator

  • Responsible for deleting libelous material/personal attacks on discussion boards and chats.
  • Responsible for moderating website chat, website discussions, and comments.
  • Responsible for moderating all offsite wikia discussions including ROBLOX group and Discord message walls.
  • Responsible for determining whether content abides by official wikia rules.


  • Responsible for rolling back pages affected by vandalism.
  • Responsible for updating pages.
  • Responsible for wikia website promotion.