Welcome to the Roblox Film & Television Industry Wikia Article Requirements! This page details the requirements we expect when a page is created on our wikia website. Please follow these rules and your pages will be accurate and helpful to the community.

Articles in General

Creating Articles

  • Creating an article on the Wiki is simple. On just about any page on the Wiki, simply press the Contribute button, then click Add a Page.
  • Remember that when you are making a page for the wiki, that it must be qualified in the rules of article making.
  • Ignoring this can result in the page being deleted.
  • Don't make articles about a topic that already has an article on the wiki.
  • All articles should contain information that is objective and factual. Opinions and information that is not true (or does not have enough evidence to prove that it is true) should not be included.
  • Information in articles should be written in a formal style, and 'first-person' style writing is not allowed.
  • Articles must have an infobox on the article.
  • All articles must be related to ROBLOX film and TV. This includes most film groups, directors, main actors, important film crew, and videos.
  • Be sure to check for grammar errors and proper punctuation on every article created.
  • The name of the article should be included in the starting sentence of the article, and should be bolded.

Specific Guidelines

  • In the event that a video is released in multiple parts over a span of 2 or more years, the video is labeled as a production of the year Part 1 was released. The only exception to this is if that project is a Series.

Managing Articles

Article Infoboxes

In any kind of article on the wiki with an Infobox, there is certain information that is needed to properly organize and document the page. Here are some standard categories that are needed to be filled out. What categories need to be filled out will depend on the infobox used.

​Types of Infoboxes

  • PeopleInfo: This infobox is used for articles on directors, actors, writers, etc. Articles about Roblox people.
  • CompanyInfo​: This infobox is used for articles on Robox groups and businesses. TV and Film companies fall under this.
  • VideoInfo: This infobox is used for articles on films, shorts, series, episodes, etc. Articles about Roblox videos.

​Infobox Information


  • Aliases​: This refers to a person's other Roblox accounts or alternative accounts.
  • Join Date​: The date a person made their first Roblox account which was associated with the Roblox Film & TV industry.
  • Nationality: The country-of-origin the person is from or currently lives in.
  • Occupation​: The category of their job in the Roblox Film & TV Industry. More details under Type of Occupations.
  • Company Affiliation​: The main company that the person works for, or owns.
  • ​Channel​: The YouTube Channel name or URL if they have one or the channel url. Any video streaming service.
  • Player URL​: The person's Roblox account URL.


  • Category: The type of business the company or group is. More details under Types of Categories.
  • Established: Date when the business or group was opened.
  • Owner​: The current owner of the business or group.
  • Divisions​: Can refer to company subsidiaries, TV networks or channels. More details under Types of Categories.
  • Genre​: The main genre the company releases media under. Ex. Horror films, drama TV shows. More details under Types of Genres.
  • Slogan​: The motto of the organization.


  • Type​: The type of media the video falls under. More details under Types of Productions.
  • Directed By: The director or the creator of the video. More details under Type of Occupations.
  • ​Produced By​: The producer of the video. More details under Type of Occupations.
  • Written By​: The writer of the video. More details under Type of Occupations.
  • Edited By​: The editor of the video. More details under Type of Occupations.
  • Company​: The company that releases the video under its name. Independent should be used if no company is affiliated.
  • ​Release Date​: The date when the video was originally released. If the video was released in parts, Part 1's release date goes here.
  • ​Running Time​: The total time length of the video.
  • ​Genre​: The genre the film falls under. More details under Types of Genres.
  • ​Starring​: The main actors and actresses (up to 5) who act in the video.


  • Type: The type of event. More details under Types of Events.
  • Date: The date the event is held.
  • Hosting: The person who entertains people at the event.
  • Coordinator: The person or company that puts on, directs, and planned the event.

Article Headings

The Roblox Film & TV Industry Wikia aims to be streamlined and detailed with the information that is presented on pages. These headings therefore are to be applied to every page.


  • History: Previous and current events.
  • Filmography: Complete collection of a person's or a company's work in the industry.
  • Awards: Any award or nominations that a person, film, or company recieves.
  • Plot: A short description of the story of a video.
  • Production: The history of the video's creation.
  • Installments: In a video collection, the Roblox videos that are grouped into the collection.
  • Seasons: A table with each season and episode number and name for a Series or a Show.
  • Cast: The complete cast of people who acted in a video.
  • Trivia: Interesting tidbits of information about a video.
  • Main Characters: Fictional biographies of the main characters in a Roblox video. Up to 5 are allowed. Includes Character Posters.
  • Media: All images, videos, external links and media that are apart of a Roblox video.
  • Event Information: Detailed description of an event, such as why it's happening, what the event is about, etc.
  • Attendance: A list of people who showed up to the event.
  • Award Categories: For Award Ceremonies, a complete table of nominees and winners and award categories.

​Required Article Headings

Below is a list of article headings that correspond to certain types of articles on the wikia.

​People/Company Article Headings

  • History
  • Company Information (Company Articles)
  • Filmography (Director, Producer, Writer, etc.)
  • Awards

​Video Article Headings

  • Plot
  • ​Event Information (Live-Action Performances)
  • Production
  • Cast
  • Installments (Collections)
  • Seasons (Shows/Series)
  • Sequel/Reboot (optional)
  • Trivia
  • Awards
  • Main Characters
  • Media

​Events Headings

  • Event Information
  • History
  • Attendance
  • Award Categories (Award Ceremonies)
  • Media

Article Categories

On every article on the Roblox Film & Television Industry Wikia, there are categories that are put onto the bottom of a page in order to organize an article and make it easier to find. Below are the categories that go onto all pages:

​People Articles

  • Director
  • Producer
  • Writer
  • Editor
  • Actress/Actor
  • Voice Acting
  • Animators
  • Set Builder
  • Clothing Designer
  • Cinematographer
  • Business Person
  • ​Television Industry
  • ​Film Industry
  • Animation Industry

​Company Articles

  • Think Tank
  • Channel
  • Media Company
  • TV Company
  • Movie Company

​Video Articles

  • Video Year + Video Type (ex. 2008 Film, 2013 Short, 2016 Show)
  • Released
  • Ongoing
  • In-Production
  • Upcoming
  • Cancelled
  • Delayed
  • Lost
  • Video Collection (Video Collections)
  • Shared Universe (Video Collections)

​Events Articles

  • Award Ceremonies
  • Gatherings
  • Live-Action Performances
  • Happenings


A production is a catch-all term that groups all variety of Roblox video media. At the wikia, we divide all productions up into a certain groups to better organize them.

Types of Productions

  • Film: A video that is labeled as a Roblox Movie. A Roblox video that is longer than 15 minutes is considered a film.
  • Short​: A short video or short film is a Roblox movie that is under 15 minutes.
  • Series​: A series of videos labeled under 1 name. Can refer to a traditional TV series, a short film series, or a Miniseries.
  • Show​: A show is similar to a Roblox series except with live-action elements. Game shows, news and talk shows fall under this.
  • Collection: A collection of productions. This can refer to Film Trilogies or Cinematic Universes.
  • Live-Action Performance: A Roblox video recording of a special event. Ex: Award Ceremonies, Roblox Theatre Plays.
  • ROBLOX Record: A banned form of Roblox media on the wikia. Videos uploaded to YouTube directly from recordings in-game.

Stages of Production

  • Released: The title given to productions that have been released and are available for viewing
  • Ongoing​: Used on Series/Miniseries pages. This means the series is still releasing episodes.
  • In-Production: When a production is currently being worked on.
  • Upcoming: The title given to future productions that are being planned.
  • Cancelled: When a production is not being worked on anymore. Abandoned, Stopped.
  • Delayed: Projects that are uncertain of being made or cancelled. Delayed indefinitely falls under this.
  • Lost: When a project has been lost, all footage of the video existing was deleted.


Occupations is the term the wikia uses to describe the different variety of jobs that are a part of the Roblox Film & TV Industry. While individual companies and film groups typically come up with their own ranking system, for example Company President or Film Owner, the wikia groups these into certain categories. These occupation categories can be added onto any person's page in their Infobox or at the bottom in the page categories.

Types of Occupations

  • Director: A person who has created a Roblox video. Most directors own their own filming companies and video channels. TV Network Owners and Managers fall under this label.
  • Producer: An individual who works with a director creating a Roblox video but does not physically film the video. Consultant.
  • Writer: A person who writes a script/screenplay/dialogue for a Roblox video.
  • Editor: A person who edits in-game footage in a video editing program, and typically releases the video.
  • Actress/Actor: A person who acts in a Roblox video. Hosts and News Anchors fall under this category.
  • Voice Acting: A person who voice acts in a Roblox video. Their voice can be heard in the final product.
  • Animators: A person who uses 3D animation software to create a Roblox video.
  • Set Builder​: A person who builds in-game props, buildings, filming sets, or scripts for the purposes of creating a Roblox video.
  • Cinematographer: A person who coordinates with the director to get quality footage for their video.
  • Clothing Designer: A person who makes clothing for actors/actresses or supplies clothes to a director for their Roblox video.
  • Business Person: A person involved in the Roblox Film & TV Industry who mainly takes the role of a company CEO, business partner, or financer.

Categories of Group Organizations

In the Roblox Film & TV Industry, members have used the Roblox group features as well as other methods of organizing to collect themselves into organizations dedicated to making Roblox movies, and TV shows. These businesses are the lifeline of the community, and on the wikia we have organized the many types of businesses one can find into certain categories.

Types of Categories

  • Movie Company: A film company is a business owned usually by a director who specialize in making Roblox movies and shorts.
  • TV Company: A company structured to broadcasts shows and series through Networks and Channels.
  • Media Company: A company which specializes in releasing non-video Roblox media. Ex. Comics, Newspapers, Sets, Posters, Clothing.
  • Network: A subdivision of a TV company which releases media via TV channels.
  • Channel: A subdivision of a TV network which releases a certain genre of Roblox media on a specific website. (Twitch, YouTube).
  • Theatre: A live-action performance group which puts on Roblox plays and theatre performances.
  • Think Tanks: A collection of individuals who brainstorm different ideas and actions with regards to community activism.

Types of Genres

Genres are types of video media that fall into certain categories. The wikia aims to let individuals have the widest range of genre options available. This list displays the most common types of film genres present within the community:

  • Art Film
  • Action
  • Adventure
  • Comedy
  • Crime
  • Drama
  • Existential
  • Fantasy
  • Historical
  • Horror
  • Military
  • Religious
  • Sci-Fi
  • Superhero
  • Supernatural
  • Thriller

Combination categories are also allowed on the wikia.

​Types of Events

Event pages are put onto the wikia to document important events and ceremonies that occur within the community. Events refer to a specific type of category whenever a live-action performance occurs. Premiere ceremonies do not qualify for wikia pages.

  • Award Ceremonies: Typically film award ceremonies. Where people who worked on a Roblox video get an award to recognize their works.
  • Gatherings: Typically director conventions, industry conventions, or galas. Large gatherings of people in the community.
  • Premieres: Typically a film premiere. Event where people gather before the official release of a Roblox video. Not allowed on the wikia.
  • Live-Action Performance: A theatre play. Considered an event and also a type of video.
  • Happenings: A major scandal which rocks the industry. Such examples include the closing of the Robloxiwood Forum.


An Image is a piece of visual media that isn't a video that is uploaded to the Roblox Film Wiki.

Image Categories

Category Description
Snapshots/Screenshots A still image from behind the scenes or directly from a production.
Film Posters/Character Posters/Posters Posters from Films and Other Productions.
Roblox Avatars Roblox User Images
User Profile Pictures The image you can add on your Roblox Film Wiki User Page.
Characters Character Posters or Character Snapshots.
Logos Company Logos or Product Logos.
Copyright An image uploaded by the original author.

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