Carlo County Outlaws is a 2009 film directed by DonCurrency, RoYeL, and Ultrazz. RoYeL served as the film's producer, and Revenger123 was an executive producer. RollingBigPower received a story accreditation. It is DonCurrency's directorial debut.


In 1998, in a small town in Texas, a big war is about to unfold. Carlaville, a new town in Carlo County, is predicted to be an overnight metropolitan haven for new businesses. When things didn't work out, the town became abandoned. With factories and buildings already set up, the corporations decided to use them as mass storage facilities. However, when the mob starts a major racketeering business and a local outlaw biker gang takes a stab at trying to control the city, the entire situation turns into a giant war between mobster vs. biker.


​Carlo County Outlaws was an original film idea initially created by RollingBigPower on September 4, 2009, when Rolling was beginning to cast actors for the upcoming movie. The film was originally about a war between the police force being overrun by a notorious biker gang and having to fight their way back in control over the small town.

On November 21, 2009, DonCurrency took over the project, initially without permission from Rolling, and began to develop the film with ZZR Studios and Robux-Soft. Revenger123 was appointed as an executive producer, meanwhile Ultrazz, RoYeL and DonCurrency would be the directors. Filming lasted approximately 4 months, with four individual parts of the film being released then combined together as a single film from November 2009 to February 2010.

The film was later digitally restored to a higher quality, correcting audio issues and having an updated credit scroll that fixed errors present in the original footage. The remastered film was released on October 15, 2015.


Main Cast
Name Role
DonCurrency The Young Associate, Don Karlino, Bomb Planter, Survivor, Bikejacker
Ultrazz Caporegime Ultrazz
Darkness9000 Soldier Dark
RoYeL Associate RoYeL
​MASTERLUKE755 Revenger123
Killerduder003210 Robokiller2
Slasher451 Jaydude622
Leg0o0 Reaker09

There were other extras who were not accredited.


Initial plans to develop a Carlo County Outlaws trilogy were scrapped when TMF was absorbed into ConFilms in late 2012. The sequel, "Carlo County Outlaws 2: The Backwoods War", and the third film "Carlo County Outlaws 3: The Final War" were cancelled.

On November 23, 2015, after a deal between Gavent Movies and ConFilms, AGavent announced a reboot to Carlo County Outlaws for release in 2016.


  • RollingBigPower has since been made aware of the film and agreed to let The Mafia Films own the intellectual property.
  • The bikes and cars on the set were very difficult to drive, thus why in the film they swerved and hit various buildings. In fact during most filmings, bikers would end up driving off the baseplate or crashing.
  • A deleted scene depicted The Young Associate's car being carjacked by a biker, thus why in the film Associate RoYeL and The Young Associate are in Caporegime Ultrazz's car headed to his mansion estate.
  • Throughout the film, there are dialogue errors addressing film characters by the actor's Roblox username.


The Movie Bloxxer Awards
Award Awarded to... Results
Best Movie DonCurrency Nominated
Best Direction DonCurrency Nominated
Best Art Direction DonCurrency Nominated
Best Costume DonCurrency Won
Best Soundtrack DonCurrency Nominated
Best Visual Effects DonCurrency Nominated


Carlo County Outlaws - Full Movie (2009 Film)

Carlo County Outlaws - Full Movie (2009 Film)