Innovation​ is a 2015 ROBLOX short film written and directed by Littlegreen1.


A man named Lawrence Baker who was left alone must cure an infectious disease to keep humanity alive, under some very critical and hard times throughout his journey.


Littlegreen1 began writing on February 12, 2015. Filming began February 15, and the trailer was released on February 17. Filming production ended on March 6. The film was released on March 7.


Actor Role
TEDOG1232 Lawrence Baker (uncredited)
Ultrazz Ramsey (uncredited)
​Goofysuperjordan12 Littlegreen1
Mgrizz12345 Lazyboy52027
TechTakeDown1 TokyoDrift7


  • The original story was supposed to have three different characters: Lawrence, Ramsey, and T-Mac.
  • Lawrence Baker's original name was just supposed to be "The Scientist"
  • There is a hidden easter egg in the poster.
  • The creatures in the trailer were originally supposed to be zombies, no footage of them remains in the short film.
  • Innovation 2 was planned to be a prequel to the original short film.
  • Ramsey's character was licensed to appear from DonValuta's film The Discrepancy.
  • The film was released under the Neo-Avant Institution label.


After the release of the first short film, plans were put into motion to release Innovation 2 and Innovation 3. Writing began for the sequel only four days after the first film's release on March 11, 2015. The film was officially announced on March 18. On March 20, TEDOG1232 agreed to reprise his role as Lawrence Baker from the first film. On April 12, the first sneak peek was released. 4 days later, the full soundtrack was released April 16. In July of 2015, the film was cancelled.

On October 8, DonValuta and Littlegreen1 arranged a deal to co-own the intellectual property rights to Innovation. DonValuta and Littlegreen1 discussed developing a potential film adaptation of the short film, which was released on December 31, 2017.



Innovation (2015) Trailer

Innovation (2015) Trailer

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Innovation (2015)

Innovation (2015)