The Roblox Film & Television Industry Wikia Managing Articles page lists out certain categories on our wikia that can be added to help with Article Management. Administrators typically use these to keep the wikia updated, but users can also use these to organize pages also.

​Article Management Categories

Problem Category Template Special Pages
Article needs to be redirected/is broken redirect Redirect N/A BrokenRedirectsDoubleRedirects
Article is in Violation of RFW (Minor Errors) Candidates for deletion Delete N/A
Article is a Stub N/A N/A ShortPages
Article needs to be a Disambiguation Disambiguations Disambig N/A
Article Needs an Infobox N/A Template:Infobox N/A
An uploaded image is a part of Public Domain N/A PDOther free N/A
An uploaded image is copyrighted by the owner who uploads it on the wiki. Category:Copyright FairusePermission N/A

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