PayDay is an upcoming 2017 ROBLOX movie directed by DonValuta and distributed by The Mafia Films. The film is produced by BuddBudd222 and executive produced by Harry131291. The screenplay is written by DonValuta with Harry131291 providing the story. It is the official reboot to PayDay For You and Me.


5 years after the downfall of BLOX News reporter Simon Viklund, the political landscape of the state is rocked when the gubernatorial race becomes volatile as two radical candidates run independent campaigns against their mainstream competitors. Meanwhile, independent journalist Mylo Poppoulist, working for the alt-right BBN News Network, investigates a conspiracy revolving around the deep state.


Initially hesitant to create a sequel to PayDay For You and Me, DonValuta was lobbied extensively by BuddBudd222 in 2015 to create a sequel focusing on his own media company, BBN News. On January 1, 2017, The Mafia Films members held a vote on the next TMF project, and a sequel to PayDay won the referendum. Pre-production began later that day.

Initial scriptwriting lasted from January 8th to January 27th. On January 28th, set building began. On March 26, TMF decided to pull the project from production citing concerns that DonValuta was unable to figure out how to make the film a successful sequel to the self-acclaimed original. Later that day, it was decided that PayDay² would be an official reboot to PayDay For You and Me and emergency rewrites took place afterwards. The final script was finished on March 27 with the official title of the film being shortened to PayDay.


Main Cast
Actor Role
N/A Mylo Poppoulist
N/A Simon Viklund
N/A Bennie Shaprio
N/A Budd Bannon
N/A Michaelis Flynn
Major Cast
Actor Role
N/A Donacino Trumpf
N/A Bernard Glassberg
N/A Edward McMullain
N/A Adam Breitbart
N/A Alexander Jones
N/A Rand Stone
N/A Paul Lewindowski
N/A Paul Joseph Cernovich
N/A Paul Priebus
N/A Jorel Pollak
N/A Juliana Hahn
N/A Cenk Uyguray
N/A Mad Dog Drudge
N/A Richard Molyneux
N/A Sebastian Gordon
N/A Solomon Alinsky

Minor Cast
Actor Role
N/A Steven Scavino
N/A Michael Pensive
N/A Adolph Netanyahu
N/A Kelly Anne
N/A Anna Kaspirana
N/A Antifa Protestor
N/A Bill O'Hannity
N/A Conway West
N/A Debbie Wasserman Biden
N/A Elizabeth Clintonite
N/A Elon Kushner
N/A George Sorostein
N/A Geraldo Tucker
N/A Harrietta Kelly
N/A Jaffar Weaver
N/A James Mattison
N/A Jill Fiorina
N/A John Mankiewicz
N/A Jonathan Moledestar
N/A Megan Viklund
N/A Nelson Meedleson
N/A Patrick McCrony
N/A Sean Spicemaster


  • Inspired by the 2016 United States presidential election.
  • Several references to various alternative news media outlets including Infowars, Drudge Report, Breitbart, and The Young Turks.



Main Characters

Name Description Image
Mylo Poppoulist N/A N/A
Simon Viklund N/A N/A
Bennie Shapiro N/A N/A
Budd Bannon N/A N/A
Michaelis Flynn N/A N/A






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