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Welcome to the Roblox Film Wikia, the official wikia of the Roblox Film & Television Industry.

This wikia is for members working in the Robloxian filmmaking and machinima community to document, promote, and celebrate their personal video works with other people. Our community encourages creative collaboration, project review and critiques, and personal branding between all of our users. This wikia is not an information database, it is a platform for members to use to connect with other industry insiders, business partners, and other collaborators in the Roblox filmmaking and television industries. For members who own a Roblox Film & Television Group, this wikia is built in order for you to develop your business identity. We encourage cross-wikia development.

Here are some of our partners:

Looking for somewhere to start? Check out a random page and begin discovering the Robloxian film & television industry. Remember to follow the Rules of the Wiki. Please stay for a while, and we hope you end up joining our great film community! Today is Tuesday!

- The Roblox Film & Television Industry Community

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    May 2, 2017 by BenIsLegitRBLX

    Is anyone even here? I don't think so?

    There's no community here, I've admitted that for a while. This isn't even a cicrclejerk, it's a nonexistence-jerk. There isn't a growing community, it's literal…

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