The Robloxian Film & Television Association (RFTA) is a Robloxian film and television industry regulatory agency and political action committee. The organization is dedicated to developing industry stability, facilitation of corporate exchanges of resources, and promotion of policies that encourage industry growth. The RFTG supports a pro-union, industry protectionist agenda as well as the elimination of restrictions preventing small studio and television company advancement.

Company Information


Chairman of The RFTA
Name Term
JTVMusicTv November 14, 2017 - January 5, 2018
DonValuta January 5, 2018 - Present
Name Company Membership
Buddbudd222 Buddbudd Corporation Secondary
JTVMusicTv JTV Networks Primary
Overwxtched Hexahedron Moongazer Group Primary

Functions of The RFTA

  • Provide benefits, programs and services which promote members' professional growth and industry stability.
  • Manage the official content rating system guidelines for the RFTW wikia community.
  • Hold wikia administration officials accountable for their policy decisions impacting the industry.
  • Promote competence, ethical conduct, professionalism, efficiency, and industry liberty.
  • Fight for the small studio and television companies, uniting the workers of the community.


On November 14, 2017, JTVMusicTv launched The Robloxian Television Group (RTG) in response to increasing level of restrictions developing in the Roblox television industry largely originating from the leadership of the Roblox Television Networks Group (RTNG). The new organization initially struggled to secure a stable policy platform and organizational structure, resulting in the group closing not long after it's announcement.

On November 22, 2017, JTVMusicTv revived the organization as The Robloxian Television & Film Group (RTFG), expanding the group's mission to also include the Roblox film industry. The RTFG secured management responsibilities from JTV Networks for JTVCon and aquired Lightning Player</span>

Membership for the RTFG was divided into two levels - primary and secondary membership. Primary membership reserved the power to determine the rules and procedures for the operation of the group. Secondary membership provided input in the daily agenda for the group. JTV Networks aquired primary membership in the RFTG, while Buddbudd Corporation and Hexahedron Moongazer Group aquired secondary membership. Hexahedron Moongazer Group later pulled out of their RTFG membership.

There were three primary rules for membership in the RFTG: No membership association with the Roblox Televsion Networks Group. Individuals must own a RobloxTV company to qualify for membership. Members cannot be in the official RTNG Discord Server. After backlash developed when JTVMusicTv proposed rule number three, JTV announced that rule number three would not be enforced and was subject to further discussions. On December 29, the RTFG successfully managed JTVCon Winter 2017, increasing turnout from JTVCon Summer 2017 several months prior, managed by JTV Networks.

On January 5, 2018, JTVMusicTv officially stepped down as Chairman of the RTFG and transferred power to DonValuta, a film studio owner in the RFTG who was not affiliated with a membership at any level. JTVMusicTv pulled JTV Networks out of the RFTG, dissolved the JAwards, which were associated with JTVCon, and shut down Lightning Player. On the same day, DonValuta and and Overwxtched stuck a deal to transfer JTVCon to Hexahedron Moongazer Group.

Upon promotion to RFTG Chairman, DonValuta announced his intentions to radically transfrom the RFTG from an industry lobbying group into a regulatory agency and political action committee.