Welcome to the Roblox Film & Television Industry Wiki Rules and Policies Section. This page details all of the rules and policies that our community follows in order to ensure an atmosphere of stability and rule of law. Follow these at all times and our community will benefit immensely.

Basic Rules - The Ten Commandments

Rule 1: Keep Content Relevant

This rule ensures that all user-added information, including but not limited to pages, images, videos, and comments are relevant to the overall topic of our wikia. For example, adding a page on our wikia about a Minecraft video you've created violates this rule and will subsequently be deleted. The offense related to this rule is Irrelevant Content.

​Rule 2: ROBLOX Record/Watermarked Videos

This rule restricts users from adding articles and videos about a machinima that was made using ROBLOX Record or another recording program which adds a watermark on the video that never gets removed when it is released. This rule does not punish users who have editing errors which, for an insignificant amount of time, have a watermark showing. Rather, this rule ensures that the content on our wiki is for videos which have a professional quality to them. Due to the abundance of free editing programs available, a violation of this rule will result in the video or article being removed from our wiki. All watermarked video projects, however, can be added to a Filmography section. We recommend any videos a user creates that violates this rule be re-released with a cropped version. The offense related to this rule is ROBLOX Record.

​Rule 3: Article Qualifications

This rule is defined as: "Any article on the wiki must be formatted properly." This ensures that each on our wiki is easily searchable, easy to read, and is organized in a way that every article on our wiki connects with one another. Article guidelines are explained more in-depth in our Article Requirements page. The offense related to this rule is Article Requirements.

​Rule 4: Information Accuracy

This rule ensures that our wiki has the most accurate information. Typically, this implies all content on our wiki is neutral and non-biased, however, in certain situations, a neutral or non-biased perspective can be inaccurate. Posting opinions on any wiki section that is not attributed as such violates this rule, as well as any libelous edits. As with any ambiguous rule, common sense is a guide for any individual. If a user adds or forgets to add information to a page that they do not know is accurate, they will not be punished under this rule. Even if a user knowingly adds inaccurate information, we cannot punish them unless administration knows without a doubt the information is wrong, the user admits to adding inaccurate information, or a community audit of the webpage determines the information was inaccurate. The offense related to this rule is Inaccurate Information.

​Rule 5: Counter-Productive Editing

This rule is defined as any edit on a section of our wiki between two or more individuals that results in an editing conflict due to the webpage in question having a piece of information constantly changing. This means that if a user claims to be the director of a film project, but someone else says they're the real director and the page changes from one director's name to the other, this is counter-productive editing because the information on the page is constantly changing from accurate to inaccurate. In this event, a wikia administrator serves as a Mediator between the people involved and figures out the true story. If a conflict continues after this, a community audit is held to determine the actual director. This cycle continues until the conflict resolves itself or the administrators hold a special session to judge a final verdict. The offense related to this rule is Counter-Productive Editing.

​Rule 6: Grammar

This rule ensures that all of our pages, to the best of our abilities, have proper grammar. It is okay to occasionally misspell things, but if it's done frequently, it becomes very annoying. The articles on this wiki have been carefully crafted (and edited) with the highest standards of literacy. Please help us keep it that way by using correct spelling and grammar. This rule is defined as any user who continuously makes severe grammar errors over a series of pages". The offense related to this is Grammatical Errors.

​Rule 7: Unauthorized Edits

This rule is defined as adding or editing any foundational page to the wiki without the express orders of the wikia administration. This means that a user cannot add a series of new categories, or update the Article Requirements page, or this page without permission from the administration. This rule includes the main page for now. The offense related to this is Unauthorized Edits.

​Rule 8: Spoiling

This rule is very similar to information accuracy, however, this rule prevents users from spoiling the ending to a video on that video's wiki article without explicitly attributing that information as a spoiler. The offense related to this is Spoilers.

Rule 9: Unsanctioned Advertising

This rule ensures that a user doesn't misuse the wiki solely for personal enrichment. For example, if a user on every page he creates advertises his filming group, he is going outside the sanctioned advertising space on our wiki. This rule is defined as explicit advertising outside the Advertising hub on the Main page. The offense related to this rule is Unsanctioned Advertising​.

Rule 10: Illegitimate Activity

This rule refers to any illegal action in the country that a user resides in. For example, in Germany, it is illegal to look up pictures of Adolph Hitler. Therefore a user in Germany who posts a picture of Adolph Hitler on our wiki is in violation of this rule unless they use a VPN. This can also refer to any other illegal activity with the internet. The offense related to this rule is Illegitimate Activity.

​Critical Rules

Rule 1: Vandalism/Spam

No individual may spam or vandalize the wiki. If a user violates this rule, they will be punished by administration. Vandalizing is defined as any edits that are malicious in nature which add inaccurate, libelous information to any page on the wiki. Spamming is the illegitimate or improper use of offsite links, or wikia features that result in a page being vandalized. The offense related to this rule is Vandalism/Spam.

​Rule 2: Personal Attack

The wikia is built to be a bastion of free speech, however, we are obliged by law to ban users who personally attack members on the wikia or on any platform the wikia website hosts its own spot on, including official Skype chat groups and Roblox groups. A personal attack is determined by the administrators. If any user is personally attacked, they may report their attacker to the administration who will do an in-depth investigation to determine if this rule was violated. Flame wars, swearing, offending another user or making threats against their Roblox avatar are not restricted under this rule. The offense related to this rule is Personal Attack.

​Rule 3: Stealing Content

This rule prevents users from re-releasing Roblox videos claiming that they were the creator. Regardless if a user updates the wikia or not (which would violate Information Accuracy), that user will be punished by administration for claiming content that they do not own. The offense related to this is Stealing Content.

Rule 4: Abuse of Power

On this wiki, we have systems in place to determine how our wiki operates and functions. Central to this is the role of the Website Admins, Chat Moderators, and Founder/Bureaucrat. If any individual abuses their power on the wikia, the other administrators and the people have the right to overthrow any member of the administration. The way this is done is explained in more detail under Wikia Structure. This rule prevents an admin from going outside the rules and Administrator guidelines without facing severe punishment. The offense related to this is Admin Abuse.

​Rule 5: Illegal Violations

This rule prevents any user from breaking the law specifically on the wikia website. The only exception to this is Cyberbullying which is determined by the administration on a case by case basis due to the ambiguity of the laws around it. Posting any illegal content on our wiki results in an immediate perma-ban. The offense related to this is Illegal Activity.

Rule 6: Ban Bypassing

This rule refers to the act of getting around a ban by utilizing another account, or breaking into another user's account to violate the wikias rules. This rule does not prevent sock puppetry or users from creating multiple accounts. When a user is banned, all of their multiple accounts are also banned. The offense related to this is Ban Bypassing.

​Rule 7: Impersonation

This rule refers to the act of pretending to be another Roblox user or making a new wikia account claiming to be another user. This prevents libelous actions from being taken and ensures the community a sense of identity associated with each wikia account. The offense related to this is Impersonation.

​Rule 8: Community Threat

This rule refers to the act of an individual wikia user who poses an existential threat to the wikia. This can include members of other wikia communities who have had a history of vandalism, spam, or other rule violations. If another wikia has had problems with one of its users, this wikia administration has a responsibility to prevent that user from causing the same problems here. This ensures that if a community decides to form another wikia due to issues with previous site administrators, those same administrators cannot hijack the new community wikia for their own purposes. The offense related to this is Community Threat.

​User Rights

Right to Free Speech

On this wikia, unlike several other attempts, free speech is paramount to the stability of our community. There are no offenses against swearing, flame wars, critical dissents, or even insulting. We believe every member has critical common sense and follows the Golden Rule. We do have actions against personal attacks, but these attacks are only for one directed at the real person, not their Roblox avatar. If a user is getting cyberbullied on our wikia, the administration will meet to consider if the wikia is in violation of cyberbullying crime laws for that specific situation. Ganging up on a member of the wiki is looked down upon, however, administration cannot act as an overlord, the users must regulate themselves. ANY admin caught removing an Opinion forum post will be messaged a warning.

Right to Challenge a Ban

Any user banned/blocked will be able to appeal a ban by messaging an admin. All admins who must ban a user must notify them that they may appeal a ban by personally messaging any administrator's Roblox account with their appeal. A user who gets their ban repealed is protected from being banned for Basic Rule offenses for 3 more times after that, and an immediate community audit will happen on the administrator. The appeal format is below:

  • Wikia Username
  • Date of Ban
  • Explain Why You Shouldn't Been Banned
  • Thank the Administrator

Right to Chat

Unlike another wikia, we do not ban users from using a Wikia Member's Message Wall to get their attention. The reason for this is a belief that any page on the wiki has the right to be discussed, commented on, or reviewed by all of the community's users. Our Website Chat, and our Website Forums are also built to handle free speech discussions. Specifically, in the off topic forum, any discussion there can take place on any topic outside the realm of the wikia.

Right to Lead, Vote, and Judge

All users who have not been convicted of a Critical Rule violation have the opportunity to run as an administrator when Administrator elections are held. Elections are determined for chat moderators, site administrators, and special elections every year for site bureaucrat. Whenever an election happens, all users who have not been convicted of a critical rule violation may vote in the public poll. In the event a poll gets contaminated by false votes, a private poll is held in an offsite chatroom. A user has the right to join this chatroom before voting takes place. If a community audit takes place, each member also has the right to judge the situation being brought forth if they haven't been convicted of a Critical Rule violation.

Right to Blog

Blog Posts are incredibly important to the Roblox Film Wikia. A user may use their blog posts as they see fit. Most people use blog posts for updates and critical discussions that affect their company or their community, but we believe that a user may have complete control over their blog posts as the administrators do over theirs.

Right to Multiply

Every user on this wikia has the right to own multiple wikia accounts and use them on our website. We believe that if a user accidentally forgets the password to their old wikia account or gets locked out of their old account, they should have the freedom to make another account without bothering the administrators. We also believe that multiple accounts pose no damage in themselves, it is only through the impersonation of another user or using that account to violate the rules where administrative action is taken.

Right to​ a Clean Slate

If a rule changes that a user had been convicted of violating in the past, that user, if they're still banned, immediately becomes unbanned, and all users who were banned for that offense get that offense removed from their wikia account record. All rules removed apply retroactively, this is not the case when all new rules that are added as to prevent users from being banned for offenses they committed months before the rule was ever put into place. If an administrator fails to ban an individual within a week of time, that user is protected from being retroactively banned because the mistake falls onto the administrator at that point, not the user. A user may also, in rare situations, may have their previous violatons removed if they demonstrate good behavior to the administrators.

Right to Edit

No user's page is the property of the user, it is the property of the community. All administrators have the right to edit pages at their will, as do the users. Any page that is protected must have an explicit reason for it as is determined by the admin who protects it. The community has the right to challenge page protections in a community audit.

Right to Audit

A community audit is a unique feature on our wikia that allows the community to directly challenge the authority of the administrators. A community audit occurs when 5 people not counting the administrators seek to change a ruling by apealing to the wikia administration. In this event, the administrators gather to conduct a public poll which everyone can vote on for a period of 24 hours. After the vote, the popular vote determines the winner, and changes are made.

Community audits can be on virtually anything on the wikia, from the inclusion of a page, to a ban administration, to even overthrowing an admin. However, community audits as of this writing cannot vote to break-up the wikia community, remove founder status, dissolve the rules/policies, or implement site changes that are not possible using the Wikia website.

An administration audit is similar to a community audit except the administrators put forth a site suggestion to the community instead of a grassroots movement.


Basic Rule Violations

  • 1st - 3rd Offense: Warning
  • 4th - 5th Offense: Warning + 1 Day Ban
  • 6th - 7th Offense: Warning + 1 Week Ban
  • 8th - 9th Offense: Warning + 2 Week Ban
  • 10th Offense: Warning + 1 Month Ban
  • 11th Offense: Warning + 2 Month Ban
  • 12th Offense: Warning + 6 Month Ban
  • 13th Offense: Warning + 1 Year Ban
  • 14th Offense: Warning + 2 Year Ban
  • 15th Offense: Lifetime Ban

​Critical Rule Violations

  • 1st Offense: Warning + 1 Day Ban
  • 2nd Offense: Warning + 1 Week Ban
  • 3rd Offense: 1 Month Ban
  • 4th Offense: 6 Month Ban
  • 5th Offense: 1 Year Ban
  • 6th Offense: Lifetime Ban

Privacy Policy

All Wiki users, including Admins and wiki contributors, have the right to privacy. Any private content, Including other's personal stuff, should NOT be posted on the wiki. Wiki users also have the right to declare their stuff public if needed, wanted, or any other reason. Please note that once something is public, anyone, even people you don't want seeing it, will be able to view it, so please be cautious with what you post.

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