Tales From The House is a 2012 ROBLOX film directed by Zilex1000. It is an official prequel to Harry131291's film The House, and the first of two installments in The House Prequels.


There is a shimmering evil that lurks within the cold walls of the House, but the bankrupted Grove family has no time to pay attention to whatever negative feelings they have about their new home. It does not take kindly to being ignored, as they soon discover in a series of events that forces 16 year old Jessica to face the demon head-on, alone.


In early 2012, Zilex1000 secured the rights to make a prequel film to Harry131291's movie The House. Around this time, Zilex1000 Productions entered into a subsidiary deal with The Mafia Films which created essential artwork and media for the company, and recomended Zilex1000 consider developing Tales From The House as soon as possible. 

Principal photography began in July of 2012, and completed in September. Throughout this time, the film was released over the course of three months in three chapters, due to extensive re-writes of the scripts and production problems. Chapter 1: The New Residents was released on July 27; Chapter 2: The Terror Begins was released on August 10; and Chapter 3: The Terror Ends was finally released on September 15.


Actor Role
Rachelmay1 Jessica Grove
Superpenguin55 Leo Fox
Olympus23 Daniel Grove
Popsfootloose949 Lucy Grove
TrueHonesty Mary


  • The movie was filmed on only 1 setpiece.
  • Most of the actors also served in helping create the special effects in the film.
  • Harry131291 gave a very positive review about his thoughts on Tales From The House:

"You did a great job. Yours seems to get praised more than mine, which i'm quite jealous of, but keep up the great work! Oh my god. I love it. Every one little tiny bit of it. I love the background you made for The House movies. I love the fact that the story leads RIGHT INTO THE HOUSE 1. The cinematography is brilliant. I LOVE IT."


Main article: The House Franchise

In 2013, CosimoValuta secured the rights to develop a prequel film to Tales From The House, entitled The Story of The House. The film was to follow the origin story of The Jeckins Family as opposed to The Grove Family. The film was released June 20, 2013.



Tales From The House Official Teaser 1

Tales From The House Official Teaser 1

​Full Film

Tales From The House™ - Chapter 3 - The Terror Ends

Tales From The House™ - Chapter 3 - The Terror Ends

Tales From The House™ - Chapter 1 - The New Residents

Tales From The House™ - Chapter 1 - The New Residents

Tales From The House™ - Chapter 2 - The Terror Begins

Tales From The House™ - Chapter 2 - The Terror Begins

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