Template:ShortInfo The Killing Joke is a 2012 Robloxian short film directed by DonCurrency and distributed by The Mafia Films.


A recreation of a scene from DC's graphic novel Batman: The Killing Joke, where Batman and The Joker confront each other, with The Joker trying to persuade Batman the world is "a black, awful joke", and thus not worth fighting for. To prove his idea that it takes only "one bad day" to turn an ordinary man insane, he speculates that Batman himself was driven to become a vigilante due to experiencing one.


In 2012, DonValuta began construction on a short film adapatation based on the ForestFire101's LEGO short film The Killing Joke. The short film was selected due to it's darker material and interpretation of the Batman mythos while also being very simplistic in its set design. Production later began and ended within a week.The short film was released sometime in 2012 and was later considered lost.

On October 16, 2015, the short film was recovered and digitally restored with higher-quality audio and clearer picture quality.


Name Role
DonValuta Batman, The Joker


  • The video used audio directly taken from the YouTube video The Killing Joke, created by ForrestFire101.