​The Rohemian Club​ is a 2012 lost ROBLOX film directed by DonCurrency.


We can't handle the truth. A young undercover reporter follows a group of famous people to a new club in Roblox called the Rohemian. There he clearly sees them with Game Admins and other people, and his mission is realized: Get the Front Page News! He sneaks in the back and nearly escaped armed guards, but what he will document will tear the secrecy of the most shocking conspiracy theory in the world.











{{FilmInfo |title = The Rohemian Club |release = May 26, 2012 |director = DonCurrency |company = The Mafia Films |mainactors = DonCurrency, Arclordrpg, Buddy17474, Bobbysayhi |genre = Horror, Supernatural |image = No

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