UPDATE: As of January 4, 2017, JTVMusicTv has resigned from his position as RFTW Content Moderator. Elections for Content Moderator will also be scheduled for the weekend elections. Ultrazz, MightyPGK, and AmericanWarshipsFilm to fill the vacancies in our administration until our special elections. Good Morning Robloxian Film & Television Wiki,

We have just successfully conducted our second election ever. With candidates running in three out of five total positions, the previous administration has just voted to certify the results of the election. The transfer of power will begin after I complete this blog post. The interim administration will be disbanded as the newly elected members will take their office. I am honored to pronounce the winners of the December 2017 Wikia Admin Elections:

  • RFTW Bureaucrat - DonValuta
  • RFTW Administrator - Buddbudd222
  • RFTW Content Moderator - JTVMusicTv
  • RFTW Discussions Moderator - *vacancy*
  • RFTW Rollback  - *vacancy*

Congratulations to all those who have won the election! Now the time for talk is over, now is the time of action and progress. We are transferring from an interim administration to our second official elected wiki administration. We all remember the first elected administration under BenIsLegit led to the destruction of our wiki for some time. If it was not the connections I forged with wikia staff, we would have never gotten back our home community. We will not let you down, this is your community and here you will always be welcome and protected from the tyrants who controlled the other community wikias for our industry.

Due to two positions on the wikia administration staff being vacant, it is the responsibility of the Bureaucrat to appoint temporary people into those positions so the wikia can run smoothly. I will be appointing two temporary members of the community to fill these seats. They do not get to vote in official wikia policy until they are elected by the people in a special election. To bring more transparency and accountability, I will confer with the new administrator and content moderator and discuss with them my choices before I make any decisions.

Immediate Special Elections for Discussions Moderator and Rollback will occur this weekend from January 6 - 7. Anybody interested in running for a position can seek me or any other administrator out and tell them you are interested. You have up to the day to make your decision if you would like to run.

Thank you to all of you who voted. Together, we have already made our wikia great again! Let's hope and pray to God for a great 2018 year for our community! God Bless.

~ RFTW Bureaucrat DonValuta