Good Afternoon RFTW Community,

We have just completed our wikia's first ever special elections. I am proud that we were able to find candidate to run for every position. In the wake of the unfortunate resignation of JTVMusicTv, I had to appoint three temporary administrators to the positions of Rollback, Discussions Moderator and Content Moderator. Ultrazz, MightyPGK, and AmericanWarshipsFilm all served their short time in office proudly and I am grateful they accepted my appointments. It is not easy to be an appointed administrator, you are not allowed to vote in our administrator discussions while still being expected to hold the office and be accountable for your office responsibilities. But this wikia was founded on community representation, and only elected officials may hold the right to impact legislation and the shape of the wikia itself.

I am proud to announce the following:

  • JohnCena2305alt1 was elected for Content Moderator.
  • MightyPGK ran for his appointed spot and was elected for Discussions Moderator
  • Overwxched was elected for Rollback

All three of these elected administrators will serve beside Administrator Buddbudd222 and Bureaucrat DonValuta, myself, in our new administration for the rest of the first half of the 2018 cycle. The next elections are scheduled for late June.

Take Care For Now,

~Bureaucrat DonValuta